Unexpected Cookies

Some people use love. We use butter.

Welcome to Unexpected Cookies!

Here at Unexpected Cookies we are dedicated to crafting treats that are appealing to both the eye and mouth.

Well known as the best bakery in our area, we ensure that every customer’s order is fresh, delicious, and handcrafted! Prioritizing customer experience, we are dilligent to keep outdoor pests at an all time low. Our success is rooted in the strong beleif that butter tastes better than love, afterall why choose nutritious when you can have delcious?

Dangerously good. Awesome atmosphere, awesome people, really really good! - Bill
Picking up my morning cookie is the best part of my day! - Bonnie
The cookies are unbelievably good! - Sharon
Unexpected Cookies isn't just desserts, it's an experience! - Mark

Awards & Features

Best Cookies Award 2019 Featured on Cooking Cookie Creator's Choice Award 2018 Friendly Baker Finalist 2020 Featured on Pastry TV